Nokia N8 Landscape Menu with Center Text

Nokia N8, E7, C7 and Nokia C6-01 Landscape Menu with Center Tex
Mod grid menu with centre text on the soft buttons.

Info on the grid:
For portrait mode
lct = "cell_hc_apps_pane" variety = "11" instead of 4x5 will be 3x5
For the horizontal mode
lct = "cell_hc_apps_pane" variety = "12" - 5x3
lct = "cell_hc_apps_pane" variety = "6" - 6x2
lct = "cell_hc_apps_pane_t1" variety = "4" - text lifted, and then with the 6x2 grid was not beautiful

In archive two patches. Not dependent on each other.

.All credits DAN-AV
note: 1st u need to use the horizontal menu mod by dan-av provided in some post and then patch the .dll with the files provided in the zip archive.

And m also attaching the patched .dll with other files for those who find it a little difficult on how to patch it.
you just need to drop it in to your rofs2.
it is in the menugridwithcentertext.rar archive.

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