Brief key applications ICS

Thus, the presentation of Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been successfully and is now behind us. Some of the vendors even have announced any of their units will receive this update.
And we have in the meantime there was some information that will let still more cursory and superficial, but nonetheless still a more detailed acquaintance with the major proprietary applications from Google.

Eyeing the contacts in the Ice Cream Sandwich

It is now a contact - it is something more than just a telephone number or email for a certain individual. Apparently, this conclusion and on Google, decided to hold a number of significant changes in your address book Ice Cream Sandwich and related applications
Hugo Barra - Director of Product in Google revealed a new application «People», which is now gathered all possible information about all your contacts.

Kogeto Dot: shoot 360-degree panorama of the iPhone

kogeto dot, iPhone-gadget for the 360-degree panoramic images

HD-shooting on the mobile phone has very few people surprised, but panormanaya shooting, and even 360-degree - is another matter! With the help of the gadget from the company Dot Kogeto be one movement to turn your iPhone into a camcorder, to eliminate just such a panorama. For Kogeto is not the first experience with panormanoy shooting - this is the company behind the HD-camera panoramic Lucy, which is successfully used in many educational institutions in the USA and Europe. So to develop a new gadget specialists approached very seriously, apart from a device that fits over the iPhone

HEX Icon: hours of iPad Nano

Wear a new watch every day? It's easy! Happy owners of iPod Nano 6-go/7-go generation company HEX offers an excellent opportunity to use your gadget as a wristwatch. This accessory has long evolved from an instrument for some time in a way to express yourself to others, and the unit Hex Icon will help you with that.

Scosche RDTX: portable Geiger counter for the iPhone

 Apparently impressed by the recent catastrophe in Japan, Fukushima nuclear power plant, engineers and marketers of the American company Scosche quick start in the sale of a curious gadget - a Geiger counter for the iPhone under the symbol RDTX.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S

* The appearance

Despite the apparent complete identity, building iPhone 4S is still different from the case of "four". The switch "silent" mode is a little higher, and thus covers the iPhone 4 will not work for 4S. From a marketing standpoint - an excellent, time-tested technique for which the corporation should thank Apple accessory manufacturers: he bought a new smartphone, buy, and a new cover.