Nokia 5800 and N97 Theme-The Windows Phone 7 theme by fsx

This color is Magenta, one of the 12 colors coming out at the Store in more or less 1 week. I have made over 250+ third party icons for the premium versions. This one does not include those.

Download at the blog!

I hope you like it. The variation is Dark. There will also be Light. You can visit my blog and read it to understand why things are the way they are. Link to fsxdesigns blog. Check out my other themes too.

This is a beta version. Most of what you will say is a "bug", is not really a bug at all. Read the blog. There is a small bug in the highlight, it will be fixed soon. And by the way, S60v5 can imitate nearly perfectly, without any add-ons, the Tiles mainscreen from WP7. True fact. I'm doing that right now. Go to Settings > Phone > Display > Set it to Large.

Everything that CAN be themed, HAS been themed. Any icon you see unthemed, is most likely due to the limitations of Nokia's programs.

My suggestions (did you already install it?):
- Try to add a contact;
- Go to your network settings;
- Search for WLAN's - anything that puts "Loading" on your screen.
- Go to your music player (S60v5). S^3 taste nothing of awesome there.
- Go to your messaging center. Send yourself a message (if it's free) and see the magic.
- Go to your calendar.
- Type a new message.

How do you like your phone now?

I bring you the best design I possibly can gather. I have spent much more than 60 hours on this project alone. That is why I do not give all my themes for free. I wish I could. I give what I can.

As it is obvious, no one can ever, under any circunstances, use any kind of element from my theme. Never. I may open rare exceptions in the future, who knows.

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